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Manage your company with comfort from your Dashboard

  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Side-by-side visualization of the reports
  • Integration with fleet tracking systems as well as fuel card platforms


Accounting made easy

  • Instant invoicing within your environment
  • Maintaining all your expenses
  • Driver/Owner Operator/Carrier settlement and payment calculation


Effortlessly track and update load status

  • Tracking and updating of load status from desktop or mobile, anytime, and from anywhere
  • Updating the load status directly by your driver through an automated emailing system


Excellent TMS!

I really like this Salesforce TMS since it’s highly customizable, very fast and responsive. I was also impressed by Asuccini’s customer service. Very prompt and helpful in order to have best experience possible. They provide a wide variety of solutions including connecting our website with the Back-end to take new carriers onboard quickly and any other custom request you might need. While others charge thousand of dollars for similar service we got this for a bargain! Extremely pleased with this TMS!

Cristian Crisan  

Oct 17, 2018

Efficient system to communicate - No extra costs for customization - Great customer support

FTM Salesforce by Asuccini LLC is a great tool for trucking businesses. First of all, I appreciate any platform that is written on a robust Salesforce foundation: its logic and capabilities allow any business to have a seamless and smooth productivity. The product that is offered by Asuccini multiplies this effect by providing a budget cautious and efficient system to communicate internally and with drivers in a very organized manner. I also find that the fact all customization requests are done without any extra costs is absolutely priceless. Coming from personal experience operating in a large corporate structure to a small business owner, FTM Salesforce is on par with what a large or a small entity requires to operate in this industry. Thank you for a great customer support!

Michael Tatar

May 30, 2018

Ease of use!

I like their customer service. A lot of people show me other products but only Asuccini goes the extra mile. They kept reaching out to me proactively. I am in IT industry too, I want a system as a source of truth. Asuccini have all the integrations too. They give me what we need in our business. I believe they can be better than any other provider. They are also scaleable, we started small with just 1 truck and as we grew not only the system worked perfectly fine but also helped us to make intelligent decisions.

Sunny Singh

Apr 21, 2018

Great system!

"This system has been a great help with keeping things organized making it simple to find the information needed for loads. This system helps to save time. I really like how new things are constantly being introduced to further make things easy to manage."
"I like the simplicity everything is in the cloud and is customizable I like the bright colours. Convenient to navigate throughout the system."

Elana Kangethe  

Apr 18, 2018

Love it!

"It's really easy to use. The accounting features are very helpful. You can customize everything! Everything is very simple.

Something that I love and admire about the company is that every one is really helpful. Any time I call for help, it seems they genuinely care and want to help. The customer service is Exceptional.
I hope there was 10 star rating option, I would rate it 10!!!

Life is better with ASUCCINI."

Aman Sahota  

Dec 07, 2017

Fast and modern

"It enables us to manage all our data at one place. It saves us a lot of time on paperwork submission and we can process driver/owner operator payments a lot faster. All in all we are very satisfied since we have switched to Freight Trans Manager!"

Arash Sharifi  

Oct 23, 2017 

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Freight Trans Manager

  • Track and update load status from desktop or mobile, anytime and from anywhere 
  • Integration with e-log, fleet tracking as well as fuel card platforms
  • Maintain fleet's details as well as drivers/owner operators information
  • Automated emailing system for updating load status 
  • Generating instant invoices to get paid as quickly as possible
  • Driver settlements
  • Quarterly IFTA reports
  • Update pay status, pay date and all other communications
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Side-by-side visualization of reports

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One screen for 360° view of your business

  • Powerful import, export and reporting tools
  • Side-by-side visualization of data with customized dashboards
  • Track, update and monitor loads from desktop or mobile, anytime, and from anywhere
  • Sort, search and filter loads based on your preference
  • Manage Fleet, Drivers, Carriers and Customers with ease


Accounting made easy

  • Instant invoicing within your environment
  • System generated BoL and Rate confirmation documents
  • Tracking income and expenses along with receipts 
  • Driver/Owner Operator/Carrier settlement and payment calculations
  • Oversee fleet income and maintenance costs


Communicate seamlessly and stay accurate

  • Save time using auto-fill email templates
  • Log all communications with drivers, carriers and customers in load records
  • Maintain all paperwork as attachments linked to each load
  • Give access to drivers, carriers and other parties to update load status and upload paperwork through web portals